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OUR TRAVEL POLICY - Eco Trails Kerala

  • Limit Deforestation: We will make no open fires and discourage others from doing so. Where water is heated by scarce firewood, we will not use it or use as little of it as possible. Wherever possible, we will choose accommodation that uses kerosene or fuel - efficient fire-wood stoves.

  • Plant Saplings: We will take saplings and encourage our tourists to help plant them near our camp sites or on the trails.

  • Non biodegradable Garbage: We will leave camp sites clean and take back all non biodegradable litter to the road head/towns for proper disposal. We will only bury biodegradable Food waste.

  • Keep Local Water Clean: Toilet facilities will be pitched at least 30 meters away from the water source and all waste will be covered properly. We will not allow detergents to be used in streams and springs. We also practice the wastage of Water in tourism related activities..

  • Plants left in their Natural Environment: We will not take away cuttings, seeds and roots that are illegal in many parts of the Himalayas.

  • Respect Local Cultures: We will promote the appreciation and preservation of religious places and local villages by never allowing clients to buy religious objects or heirlooms from remote villages.

  • Alternate Source of Energy for Fuel: Where possible, we will convert to solar power such as solar lanterns, solar cookers etc.

  • Stationery & Other Publicity material on Recycled Paper: We will introduce/increase the use of recycled/hand made paper for our stationer and other publicity items such as brochures, etc.

Economic responsibility:

  • . Eco Trails Kerala offers a full range of accommodation but specializes in the promotion of small local-owned accommodation, including private villas, bungalows and guesthouses, which provides good economic returns to local communities.

  • Eco Trails Kerala employs only local guides and drivers. Moreover, We employ all our drivers on fair terms, ensuring they receive a proper wage for their services and have access to acceptable facilities, including accommodation.

  • Eco Trails Kerala’s drivers and guides will suggest where you can purchase appropriate locally-produced products and gifts, rather than imported goods, including good local restaurants that specialise in Kerala’s aromatic and spicy cuisine.

  • We request our suppliers to employ local people wherever possible and make use of local produce, manufacturers and other services (where local standards permit). Eco Trails Kerala also purchasing fruit, vegetables, fish and poultry from local markets for the use of Tourists.

Environmental responsibility:

  • Eco Trails Kerala Advice offers tips and guidelines to all travelers on how to avoid causing negative impacts on environmental eco-systems and advice on how they can make best use of local services. In particular, Eco Tours Kerala encourages water and electricity conservation. Travelers are provided information on waste pollution and also urged to be careful when hopping not to encourage unsustainable practices.

  • We communicate our belief that environmental responsibility is essential to tourism’s sustainability and are encouraging sustainable practices to help environmentally conscious travelers select their accommodation. This voluntary guide will identify Kerala’s hotel's that are tackling environmental and conservation issues seriously.

  • .We re-use and recycle paper and print cartridges. We reduce paper waste by avoiding unnecessary printouts. We use a website and e-mail as our primary marketing platform and avoid the publication of glossy brochures and mail shots. We do not spam. We provide sales consultants with the necessary equipment required to work from home when possible to reduce transport.

Social responsibility:

  • Eco Trails Kerala avoids large package groups but encourages “small group travel” which provides a richer travelling experience and prevents local communities in remote regions for being overrun.

  • Eco Trails Kerala will offer advice on and help arrange destination visits to local social development projects if requested by the client.

  • Eco Trails Kerala provides all clients with up-to-date pre-departure information that address important social and cultural issues and help our clients be aware of local customs.

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