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Agriculture Fields Alleppey
Tharavad Heritage Hotel Alleppey
Entrance at Tharavad Heritage Resort
Bed Room at Tharavad Heritage Inn
Inside Tharavad Hotel Compound
Snake Boat Race at Alappuzha
A Church in the backwater area at Alleppey
Beach at Alleppey

Lakeside villa Aleppey

Allappuzha (Alleppey) – Alappuzha - is a Land Mark between the broad Arabian sea and a net work of rivers flowing into it. In the early first decade of the 20th Century the then Viceroy of the Indian Empire, Lord Curzon made a visit in the State to Alleppey, now Alappuzha. Fascinated by the Scenic beauty of the place, in joy and amazement, he said, here nature has spent up on the land her richest bounties. In his exhilaration, it is said, he exclaimed, Alleppey, the Venice of the East. Thus the sobriquet found its place in the world Tourism Map. The presence of a port and a pier, criss -cross roads and numerous bridges across them, a long and unbroken sea coast might have motivated him to make this comparison. District of Alappuzha figures in classified literature. History says Alappusha and trade relations with ancient Greeece and Rome in BC and in the middle ages. Alappuzha is also famous for its boat races, houseboat cruise, beaches, marine products and coir industry. Here, one can see coconut husks being beaten into fiber for making beautiful mats and coir products. A singular characteristic of this land is the region called Kuttanad, the rice bowl of Kerala. Kuttanad is perhaps the only place in the world where farming is done below sea level.

The nearest airport to Alleppey is at Kochi (Cochin – COK -100 KMs). Alappuzha is connected by rail with almost all the important towns in India. National Highway No. 47, which runs through Alappuzha town, connects the district with important centers in South India. Ferry Boats on the scenic backwaters of Alappuzha, connect the district with Kochi, Kollam, Kottayam and Chengannur. The cruise through the winding canals and backwaters is truly an unforgettable experience.

The Villa in Lake Vembanad at Alleppey.

Secluded; tucked away; far from the madding crowd; tranquil; serene; bathed in quietude, held secret; are all synonymous with the Villa in the Lake, yet what’s so special about this lakeside property is the fact that no other place perhaps, provides you such an idyllic ambience to read a book and forget everything!

Yes, everything disappears, even the wonderfully built house you stepped into fades into the background and while you immerse yourself into that paperback you always wanted to finish, you will be interrupted only by the occasional `kaw kaw’ of a crow or the sound of waves, gently slapping the lakeshore when a lone boatman wades across the expansive waters in front of you. Never has doing nothing been so enervating!

That’s only one of the few moments when you are reminded of where you are, right on the lake front of Kerala’s largest lake, the Vembanad Lake, far away from the usual tourist spots and situated in a quiet village in the middle of `God’s Own country’

Easily accessible from the main arterial road, NH 47 (tucked 6 kilometres away), the village of Kaipuram where the Lake House is located has a temple, a Hindu shrine, Chinese fishing nets, coir making cottage industries, a bustling local market and a host of `inconsequential’, non tourist, interesting places, all within cycling distance. Now that’s `to do’ during the break between books!. So this time round, have a holiday for your heart, for your soul and be our guest.


Our cycling tours take you down the road you came, to visit a Hindu `Sarpakkavu’, a Hindu shrine dedicated to Snake Gods and Goddesses and we take you through the story of why they were built, you meet the family that protects and worships at the shrine and you understand through it all, how we are all connected.

You could then visit the local Temple, ideally on a Thursday evening and see and feel for yourself the fervor and many colors associated with a spiritual spectacle. Just ahead from the temple is a house of a local involved in making of coir and coir products. Join the workers in weaving a door mat and if you spend enough time perhaps take one along woven with your name, a memorabilia of a holiday well spent!

There is also a Chinese Fishing net beside the property at work in the mornings and late evenings. You could join in perhaps and help the fishermen catch a day’s work or even better hop onto a canoe, go on a canoe ride and lay a net and awake the next day hoping you have been lucky to help catch a fish load of Pearl Spot, the local delicacy !

For those who look forward to some activity on the water, try our kayaks lying wait to explore the vast Vembanad Lake.


No of Nights
Meal Plan
Number of Guests Tariffs(Rs)
2 nights 3 days
All meals
Euro 300/-
3 nights 4 days
All meals
Euro 450/-
No of Nights
Meal Plan
2 nights 3 days
All meals
Euro 400/-
3 nights 4 days
All meals
Euro 600/-

Rates are inclusive of below :

Guided Cycle tour to nearby villages.
Guided Kayaking trips in the Lake.

Fishing in the lake (Fishing roads will be provided)


Rates are inclusive of all meals, coffee or tea (at anytime), mineral water, snacks etc. We place a lot of importance on the food served at our home. Please be assured that all are menus are based on Kerala cuisine and are made as they are cooked in a normal Keralan house. Our cooks are trained local people & guests are also welcome to see & participate in the cooking.

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